The Best Ways to Advertise Your Car Dealership

If you are in the business of selling cars, you’re probably always looking for different ways to separate yourself from the competition.  Simply having a car dealership does not mean that you will get customers, even if you are offering the best deals in the business.

Here are some traditional and more advanced methods of advertising your business.

Car dealership billboards

Television Ads

This one appears obvious, but some now question just how helpful it actually is.  We have all seen car dealership TV ads, but because of the fact that many people get their entertainment on the internet instead of from television, many car dealerships have abandoned this method.

Still, it is useful depending upon the market.  If your dealership is in a smaller market, there are usually still some excellent benefits to this method.

Internet Ads

Because more people get their entertainment on the internet, it might be a good idea to have targeted ads for specific areas.  Many international video sites will allow ads targeted to IP addresses within the local area, so this is definitely something to consider.

You might find that you actually reach your target demographic more successfully this way than with TV ads.


Car dealership billboards are, again, a more traditional method of advertising.  However, with the rise of different technologies, you can actually add a modern kick to your billboard ads.  Maybe consider digital billboards for your dealership.  There is also the possibility of video billboards in certain areas, which will definitely draw a whole lot of attention.

The most successful dealerships are usually the ones that combine traditional advertising techniques with more advanced technological ads.  If you are able to find a healthy medium, you ought to be able to attract more people to your dealership.